These are “the good old days”…

Nathan and Julie Gunn and Friends: America Sings is a week-long residency culminating in a public performance. This program celebrates the beloved American classics and introduces the new.  Come hear America’s finest perform America’s best. Each generation sings their own unique songs and weaves them into the fabric of our culture.

As part of the residency, Nathan and Julie coach and showcase young artists in a collaborative performance of classic and contemporary Broadway repertoire. America Sings may be adapted to fit any conservatory, university, or young artists program.

Nathan and Julie Gunn and Friends: America Sings premiered as Nathan and Julie Gunn and Friends: An Evening on Broadway on October 6th, 2018 with students, alumni, and faculty of the University of Illinois’ Lyric Theatre Program. It was the maiden voyage of Shot In The Dark Productions Inc.

For booking inquiries, please visit: Shot in the Dark Productions Inc. and select “Projects.”